HP Study: Business travelers more productive while on the road

Working while being on the road has become the everyday ritual for especially those in leading positions, wrote Finish newspaper Kauppalehti.

The world’s largest computer technology company HP found in their recently published study that up to 93 percent of business travelers prepare their material for meetings while already on their way there.

The study was conducted among people traveling regularly due to their work and covered nine European countries. The study showed that some 54 percent of business travelers use at least half of their travel time for managing tasks relating to the purpose of the trip.

Thanks to the information technology 88 percent of the business travelers are able to follow-up work related matters and be productive while on the road. They estimate that 31 % of their time is used for reading e-mails, 24 % for doing research and 22 % for content production and editing.

The biggest factor affecting the productivity is however the lack of internet connection. Some 62 % recognized the issue. Almost as often (51 %) was mentioned the lack of virtual private networking to everyday tools and applications.

”Our survey proves the trend IT and internet has led into. This again has led into higher expectations on wireless hardware”, says Ari Koskinen from the HP Finland.

Another finding of the research was that employees no longer feel most productive at the office. Up to 73 % of the business travelers feel that the time spent on traveling provides them with an opportunity to be more productive and take care of tasks that are behind. 56 percent also told that they feel most innovative and get the best ideas outside the office space.

The study was summarized in English above by one of the leading agencies for business travel in Finland, the Finland Travel Bureau (FTB) .

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The article in Finish newspaper Kauppalehti.

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