Social Media & Video Push Mobil Data Growth

The rise of video content, and the increase in file sizes and file sharing is driven by the emergence of cloud-based applications but also of social networking. This new business environment makes high-speed, high-quality, ubiquitous connectivity crucial for mobile professionals.

According to the Ericsson Mobility Report, Mobile video traffic is forecast to grow by around 50 percent annually through 2022 to account for nearly 3 quarters of all mobile data traffic. Social networking is expected to grow by 39 percent annually over the coming 6 years.Additionally, the use of embedded video in social media and web pages continues to grow, fueled by larger device screens, higher resolution and new platforms supporting live streaming. (Embedded video in social media and web pages is counted as video traffic.)

Flexinets offers a unique global roaming service that supports this increase of mobile data and offer unlimited data plans with a flat rate pricing structure. This smart connect service is based on Global WiFi and Mobile Data networks with coverage in 147 countries. In addition a Secure Mobile Gateway cloud solution provides extensive analytics, compression and mobile security.

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